COBIT 2019 Foundation

Course Overview

Professionals who are interested in the IT Security aspect of an organization know that COBIT is one of the popular frameworks used globally. And the latest iteration of COBIT in COBIT 2019 has brought much-needed change to the previously used COBIT 5 framework. COBIT 2019, as a framework provides individuals and enterprises the guidance to create a governance system that aligns with other international standards, regulations, and frameworks.

With COBIT 2019 Foundation certification training, participants will learn the fundamental aspects of creating an Agile governance system and the latest practice in Enterprise Governance of Information and Technology (EGIT).

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Cobit Framework Introduction

COBIT is an IT governance framework for businesses wanting to implement, monitor and improve IT management best practices. COBIT is the acronym for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies.

The COBIT framework was created by ISACA to bridge the crucial gap between technical issues, business risks and control requirements.

COBIT can be implemented in any organization from any industry to ensure quality, control and reliability of information systems.


  • Governance System Principles

  • Governance Framework Principles

Governance System and Components

  • Governance and Management Objectives

  • Components of The Governance System

  • Focus Areas

  • Design Factors

  • Goals Cascade

Governance and Management Objectives

  • Overview of The COBIT Core Model

    Governance and Management Objectives Purpose Statements

    Governance and Management Objectives Detailed Guidance

Performance Management

  • Performance Management Definition, Principles and Overview

    Managing Performance of Processes

    Managing Performance of Other Governance System Components

Designing a Tailored Governance System

  • Introduction to Designing a Tailored Governance System

    Impact of Design Factors

    Designing a Tailored Governance System

The Cobit Business Case

  • Making a Case for Getting Started

    Overview of the COBIT Business Case

Implementing Enterprise Governance Over It

  • Implementation Guide Purpose and Approach

    Implementation Phases

    Design Guide and Implementation Guide Relationships

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