How to find the right Study Abroad Consultancy Service for +2 students

Study Abroad Consultancy Service in UAE, Dubai
28 JUNE 2023

Are you a recent graduate or a student wishing to continue your education abroad? You must be confused and have many questions. How to pick the best study abroad consulting is one of them. There are several benefits to international education that domestic educational institutions do not provide. You gain better lecturers, exposure to many cultures, amazing research opportunities, and an employment market that is willing to hire you abroad. However, getting there is not simple. This is why many students opt to seek assistance from a study abroad consultancy. Keep reading the blog to take maximum advantage.

Many students dream of going abroad to pursue their higher education. Parents are thrilled about sending their children overseas to acquire excellent knowledge and have a promising future, in addition to students. However, choosing to study abroad is a huge decision, and many students find it challenging to manage the procedures (admission, visa, etc.). The procedure is drawn-out, time-consuming, and demands accuracy at every stage. The majority of the time, parents and students are unaware of all the prerequisites and admissions procedures. Additionally, the entire process may occasionally become very perplexing and unpleasant.

Why choose a study abroad consultant?

Helping students handle applications and paperwork without fuss is a significant aspect of an education agent's job. When it comes to focusing on desired academic programmes and institutions in their preferred nation, a professional adviser offers delicate services. The role of a consultant is to help students discover their strengths so they may use them to select the best institute for their needs, interests, and profile.

Qualities of a Good Study Abroad Consultant:

  • Knowledge

  • Communication Skills

  • Test Preparation

  • Education and Career Counselling

  • Documents

  • Profile Analysis

  • Scholarships

  • Post-landing services

A reputable study abroad consultancy needs to be quite knowledgeable about the field. They must be knowledgeable about the most recent immigration regulations and capable of providing the best guidance.
Communication Skills:
Strong communication skills are the defining characteristic of an honest and astute education consultant. The person should be exceptionally good at communicating so that, after considering your worries, they can advise you on what is ideal for you. Additionally, he or she will be understanding and patient as you choose the study destination, institution, or programme that best suits your needs.
Test preparation:
The preparation for standardised exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, or GRE, which are frequently necessary for admission to prestigious colleges, can also be assisted by study abroad consulting. Educational advisors can provide career counselling, information on internships, and help with job chances in addition to academic counselling.
Education and Career Counselling:
Career guidance is a significant consideration when deciding to study abroad. Making the right choices facilitates building a bright future. Planning for the future after studying abroad can be made much easier with the help of a reliable and qualified education adviser. Since selecting a destination, the right course of study, and a university can be difficult for students and their parents, a study abroad counsellor will provide you with advice on where and when to travel. Here is when the consulting is useful. Their best advice, suggestions for accommodation, an explanation of the standard of living there, responses to inquiries about jobs, and help with prompt admissions are all provided by the student abroad advisor.
It is a difficult undertaking to apply to a university abroad because it necessitates the submission of numerous documents, including transcripts, statements of purpose (SOP), resumes, letters of recommendation (LOR), loan paperwork, and mark sheets. Hiring an education consultant enables students to keep track of these documents and guarantees that all submission deadlines are met.
Profile Analysis:
Many students struggle with their academic and employment choices after higher secondary exams. Your background is carefully evaluated by an education counsellor. Based on the profile analysis, which takes into account your academic history, hobbies, financial condition, and future goals, an education counsellor proposes some of the best courses and colleges for you. If you are considering enrolling in a course, a counsellor for education can allay your worries and allay any doubts you might have.
Scholarships are crucial for students who desire to further their education abroad. A study abroad consultancy can help with scholarship applications and walk you through the entire process so you may successfully get a scholarship.
Post-landing services:
The role of an educational consultant is complex and goes beyond only assisting students in getting into foreign universities. After the student has arrived in their country of destination, the consultant must still support and advise them on a variety of post-landing services. This includes supporting students with finding acceptable housing, handling their finances, and completing the university's onboarding procedure. The consultant makes sure that the student's adjustment to life abroad is as easy as possible by offering these services.

How do I pick the best study abroad consultant?

The following are some things a good study abroad consultant can assist you with:

  • Advice on narrowing down the list of universities
  • Processing of Student Visa
  • Figuring out the specifications and supporting you in any tests.
  • Financial Assistance
  • Providing comprehensive information on the university
  • SOP Preparation
  • LOR Preparation
  • The nation in which you intend to study
  • Completing the entire application process on your behalf
  • Helping with the application for the study permit

Benefits of Studying Abroad after 12th:

  • Cultural Immersion

  • Academic Excellence

  • Expanded Academic Opportunities

  • Language Acquisition

  • Personal Growth and Independence

  • Global Networking

Cultural Immersion:
Studying abroad provides an immersive cultural experience. You have the opportunity to live and interact with people from different backgrounds, learning about their traditions, languages, and perspectives. This cultural immersion fosters tolerance, global understanding, and appreciation for diversity.
Academic Excellence:
Many universities and educational institutions abroad are renowned for their academic excellence and research opportunities. Studying in such institutions exposes you to high-quality education, cutting-edge resources, and innovative teaching methods. It allows you to gain a competitive edge in your chosen field of study.
Expanded Academic Opportunities:
Studying abroad opens doors to a wider range of academic opportunities. You can choose from a variety of specialized courses, majors, and programs that may not be available in your home country. This enables you to explore new subjects, delve into different academic approaches, and broaden your knowledge base.
Language Acquisition:
Studying in a foreign country offers an ideal environment to improve your language skills. Immersion in the language allows you to practice it daily, enhancing your proficiency and fluency. Bilingualism or multilingualism can significantly boost your career prospects and open doors to global job opportunities.
Personal Growth and Independence:
Living independently in a foreign country challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and become self-reliant. You develop valuable life skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, resilience, and cross-cultural communication. This experience fosters personal growth, self-confidence, and a greater sense of independence.
Global Networking:
Studying abroad provides opportunities to build a diverse network of international contacts. You can connect with fellow students, professors, professionals, and alumni from around the world. These connections can be invaluable for future collaborations, career opportunities, and a global support system.

Why choose EuroGlobal review study abroad consultancy?

  • Visa counselling
  • Country selection
  • Interview preparation
  • Scholarships


In conclusion, picking the best education consultant is just as crucial as picking the best study-abroad university, so be sure your consultant is adequately qualified, has all the necessary knowledge, and is focused on your needs. Your study abroad experience should be simple and pleasant if you have the correct support, from the application procedure to the papers to the visa services. Everything should be comfortable for you.

Therefore, it is crucial to pick the best study abroad consultant who can offer professional direction and mentoring at each stage of preparing for your higher education abroad. Register for an online meeting with our EuroGlobal consultant mentors and experts, and allow us to assist you in researching the top international course and university combinations to find the one that best suits your interests and career goals.